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Strengthening Communities

These services provide family support for youth and parents in their own neighborhood. Strengthening a neighborhood or community occurs on two levels, one with the people who make up the community and the other with the resources (schools, faith organizations, hospitals, community centers etc.) that support those people. Our basic principles are to provide parents and youth with education and support that build upon their existing strengths, and to provide services that build stronger, healthier communities.

The services BETA Center provides for communities
"Neighborhood Connections" - help link families and community resources together where previously relationships have not existed or have been ineffective. Services are used to create a community environment which promotes healthy lifestyles, resiliency and self-sufficiency for children and parents. Services include community outreach, resource and referral and family needs assessments. Because our programs cannot meet all the needs of families, we collaborate with other agencies to facilitate families' access to additional resources. The Neighborhood Services program has the flexibility to provide the full program or offer individual service components based on the need and request of each community.


 BETA Center is soliciting bids for two upcoming projects:  Flooring (carpet and VCT) and window replacement, both in our 19,000 sq. ft. West Building. The projects are funded by Federal HUD, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding through Orange County, FL, Housing Department and Davis-Bacon Labor Standards wages will apply. Minority/women businesses are encouraged to apply.  The Invitation to Bid package can be obtained by contacting Barbara Wetzler,, or 407-398-6200.

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